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Geoglobal is a partner of MapInfo in the distribution of geographic information analysis and visualisation software. MapInfo, with headquarters in Troy, USA, is a leader in the supply of global Location Intelligence solutions which add the value of geo-referenced and localization information to decision-making processes. Their software is used worldwide. Proof of this lies in the fact that MapInfo solutions are available in 20 languages and distributed throughout 60 countries by partners and distributors.

In the Digitalization and Document Management area, Geoglobal works in partnership with Jouve. Jouve is a French group founded in 1903 and headquartered in Paris. It has approximately 1200 employees, divided between 3 large departments. Geoglobal has developed a particularly close professional relationship with the Digitalization of Information Department specialized in the digitalization and/or conversion of documents rega­rdless of their original format. Jouve at present handles over 14 billion characters annually, and is the leading provider of these services at the European level, in part due to the constant utilization and development of new technologies.

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