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Geofoto - Mobile Mapping Application

Geofoto is a Mobile Mapping application developed by Geoglobal that allows, in a faster and more economical way and based on georeferenced high resolution photographs, the collection of numerous georeferenced attributes.

The use of Geofoto encompasses two phases: a field work one, where the car route is optimized, the cameras and differential GPS are installed and the field survey is carried out; and a second phase in the office, where attributes, through their identification in the georeferenced photographs, are collected.

It is possible to collect information of different type, such as doors numbers, street names, street furniture, building facade details, street lighting, etc. These images can also be stored as historical archive, for continuous checks and over time comparisons of the available information.

The use of Geofoto offers numerous advantages, among which we highlight the following:

  • Increased economy and speed of data collection;
  • Possibility of collecting numerous attributes;
  • Through photographic registration, new trips to the field can be avoided;
  • The regular update of photos provides a photographic library for future comparisons;
  • User-friendly information stored in shapefile and image files.
Geofoto - Mobile Mapping Application
Geofoto - Mobile Mapping Application
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